Do I Have to Recuse? 
Learn About the Levine Act, the FPCC Interpretation and What Local Elected Officials Must Know About the New Law!
Webinar–The Levine Act
Member Cities–join us on May 11 at 7pm for the next webinar in our Pipeline of Education Series.
Learn the details of the new Levine Act,
which impacts our fundraising and our decision-making
for local elected officials.
Learn when and why you might need to recuse yourself.

See the FPCC recent memo on the Act–to be explained during the webinar.


Information For Our Member Cities

SoCalGas recently shared a statement with its stakeholders, including cities, regarding false news stories accusing
SoCalGas of using ratepayer funds to secretly fund
the California Restaurant Association’s legal challenge to Berkeley’s natural gas ban in new construction.

You can read the statement here
and share with constituents a you see fit.