Independent Cities Association is proud to announce Maria Pulido has been sworn in as next Mayor of the City of Bell Gardens, California.

Councilmember Maria Pulido was sworn in as Mayor of the City of Bell Gardens, CA on November 4, 2017 and serves on the Board of Directors for Independent Cities Association (ICA). Mayor Pulido becomes the 4th sitting mayor on ICA’s Board, along with Mayors Vivian Romero (Montebello), Gary Boyer (Glendora), and Peter Sham (Alhambra).

Mayor Pulido was appointed to the Bell Gardens City Council in November of 2014. Mayor Pulido has continuously thrived to excel and increase in the knowledge of the many ongoing City projects and the responsibilities she has been entrusted with.

As part of her agenda, Mayor Pulido wants her city to continue to provide essential services in the areas of public safety, youth programs, educational programs and outreach for the senior citizens of this community. Mayor Pulido continues to attend a variety of City events and community meetings, which include Neighborhood Watch meetings, Senior Citizens events and community outreach events.

Independent Cities Association a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, public benefit corporation created in 1960. It is made up of 35 member cities in the Southern California area. The organization focuses on education, legislative advocacy, intergovernmental relationships and other major issues that transcend the boundaries of its member cities.

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