Winter Seminar

59th Annual Winter Seminar & Golf tournament 

February 1-3, 2019 

Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort
(formerly Fess Parker Resort)







FRIDAY, February 1, 2019

7:30am – Golf Tournament

3-5pm – Wine Tasting on Front Lawn (Sponsored by OC Healing House)

3-7pm – Registration and Exhibitor Set Up

5:30-7pm – Board of Directors Welcome Reception on Front Lawn (Sponsored by Alvarez-Glasman & Colvin Law)

– Honorable Janice Hahn, Los Angeles County Supervisor

SATURDAY, February 2, 2019

7-8am                   – Breakfast

8-8:05am            – Tai Sunnanon, ICA Executive Director

         – Richard Montgomery, President-Elect, ICA, City of Manhattan Beach


8:05-9:30am  –  Session 1: Emergency Preparedness, Response and Mitigation

The frequency and intensity of wildfires are increasing and pose major threats to all Californians, our economy and to the achievement of the State’s environmental goals. While we cannot control these climate driven events, we need to do all we can to prepare for them, improve our coordinated response, and do all we can to mitigate the danger

Speaker: Gil Soto, Director of Gas Operations, So Cal Gas

Speaker: Susan Dueñas, Public Safety Manager, City of Malibu

Speaker: Mario Tresierras, Acting Division Chief

Speaker: David Abel, Editor-In-Chief, Planning Report

Speaker: Bob Stiens, Govt. Relations Manager, Southern California Edison (SCE)

Speaker: Bonnie Hulkower, Environmental Planner, U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Speaker: Rossana D’Antonio, PE, GE, Deputy Director, Los Angeles County Public Works

Speaker: Kevin Taylor, Operations Division Chief at the Montecito Fire Department in Santa Barbara

Moderator: Jeanne O’Donnell, LA County Emergency Operations Center


9:30-9:45am    – Break

9:45-10:45am  – Session 2: Is bonding out future income streams right for your city?

“Bonding for the future” an opportunity to expand your plans for infrastructure investments

Speaker: Renee Bobadilla, Assistant City Manager of Commerce

Speaker: Andrew Pasmant, City Manager of Montebello

Moderator: Jack Hadjinian


10:45-11:30am     – Break

11:30-12:45pm    – Lunch: Response to 2017-2018 SB Wildfires and Mudslides

Presentation: SB Fire & Police Chiefs & CalTrans for their response to Thomas Fires

Keynote:  Daryl Osby, Los Angeles County Fire Chief


12:50-1:35pm       – Session 3 Local Control Lost? – State Finalizes Cannabis Regulations, Allowing Cannabis Delivery Anywhere (Banned or Not). How to maximize public health and safety to keep your city safe.

California’s three cannabis regulatory agencies have completed their final state regulations, and they’re allowing legal delivery to service any city, whether your city has banned commercial cannabis or not.  Come learn about how you can keep your city safe and what strategies other cities are using to adjust for this this new regulation.  What can be done to handle the massive illicit market?  How to generate revenue for Youth Prevention Programs and Enforcement of Unlicensed Operators?  Reentry considerations for over 200,000 LA County residents that qualify for expungement of previous cannabis criminal convictions.

Speaker: Jonatan Cvetko, Angeles Emerald

Speaker: Nick Morrow, Retired LA County Sheriff

Speaker: Dustin Moore, Angeles Emeralds Advisor


1:35-1:55pm           – Break

1:55-2:40pm         – Session 4 Gun Violence Restraining Order (“GVRO”)

In the wake of the 2014 mass shooting in Isla Vista near UC Santa Barbara, the Legislature passed a law that created the Gun Violence Restraining Order (“GVRO”).  This is a powerful tool that allows law enforcement to seek a restraining order from a judge that would prevent individuals believed to be dangerous from having firearms for up to a year.  But even though this tool has been available since 2016, very few law enforcement agencies take advantage of it and many law enforcement agencies and public entities are unaware of it. 

Speaker: Lieutenant Max Subin, Beverly Hills Police Department

Speaker: Charles “Chase” Bakaly IV, Richard, Watson & Gershon


2:40pm-2:55            – Break

2:55pm-3:35pm       – Session 5: Bridging the Gap to Enhance Public Safety

Speaker: Silvio Lanzas , Interim Fire Chief , City of Glendale

Speaker: Carl Povilaitis , Chief of Police, City of Glendale

Speaker: Greg Davidson , Director of Sales, Calpipe Security Bollards


3:35-3:50pm             – Break

3:50pm-4:35pm      Session 6: What Active Shooter Lectures Always Forget!

Despite improved integration of first responders to active shooter incidents, recent events have demonstrated that there is no current ability to provide care to large numbers of victims within a “hot zone”. Recently, several agencies have made recommendations to include bystander involvement into the planning framework for man-made disasters, including the DHS “Stop the Bleed” campaign. While this is a positive step towards acknowledging the civilian resource, it is a limited solution to a multi-faceted problem. We propose a system incorporating the STB approach into a more complete solution.

Speaker: Josh P. Bobko, MD, President, FirstCare Provider

Speaker: Chief Rob Wylie, Vice President, FirstCare Provider

Speaker: Special Agent Jeffrey Cugno , FBI


4:35pm to onward       – Free Time

5pm-6:30pm                 –   Board Meeting


SUNDAY, February 3, 2019

8-10am                              – Get Away Breakfast (Sponsored by Richards, Watson & Gershon)

11am                                 – Depart


For participation or topic inquiries, please contact our President Elect, Richard Montgomery, at

For sponsorship or exhibitor opportunities, please contact our Public Relations/Fundraiser, Greg Spiker,