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Hilton Santa Barbara, ICA Winter Seminar 2020

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Summer Seminar 2019: What You Missed

  • 165 Participants
  • 44 Cities
  • 40 Business Partners
  • 16 Speakers
  • 12 Exhibitors
  • Tangible resources, including speaker presentation and handouts (Click on Summer Seminar to access the resources)

“This was one of the best ICA events I’ve seen in a long time. Congrats to the team and board for organizing important topics.” ~Assemblymember Laura Friedman


  • Grew our membership to nearly 40 cities
  • Held successful Winter and Summer Seminars with average survey response rating of 93%
  • Established Webinar series for our member cities on hot-button issues, including cannabis, housing, grant-writing and economic development.
  • Built partnerships with CA League, Contract Cities, BizFed, and Metropolitan Water District
  • Increased our legislative endeavors to support policies that better our communities
  • Re-branded our Business Partners Program with over 44 companies that financially support ICA

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ICA is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation founded in 1960.  It is made up of nearly 40 member cities in the Southern California area and focuses on public safety, education, infrastructure, legislative advocacy, intergovernmental relationships and other major issues that transcend the boundaries of its member cities.  ICA holds two Annual Seminars bringing together city council members, city officials and business partners for the purpose of collaboration, networking, and knowledge exchange. The Winter Seminar (held in January) addresses public safety and the Summer Seminar (held in July) focuses on contemporary issues.