ICA is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, public benefit corporation created in 1960.  It is made up of 32 member cities in the Southern California area.  The organization focuses on education, legislative advocacy, intergovernmental relationships and other major issues that transcend the boundaries of its member cities.  ICA holds two Annual Seminars bringing together city council members, other city officials and business partners for the purpose of being better informed and to share relevant experiences. The Winter Seminar addresses public safety and the Summer Seminar focuses on contemporary issues.


President’s message

Advocacy. Building Community. Love of place. Respect for people. Belief in the future. These are what drew me into public service. These core values are a big part of what sustains all of us in local government through budget challenges, contentious debates, or hard decisions involving investment, enforcement, development, and keeping our commitment to stakeholders.

Since entering the role of president of Independent Cities Association, I have been keenly aware of how seldom we talk about these key principles even as we strive continually to translate them into procedures, policies, and the structure of government. And rightly does the public expect us to do nothing less.

But as any parent or educator knows, it is impossible to apply standards, even those we hold dearest, or produce results that reflect them unless we regularly articulate and teach them. Each of us who participates in leading an independent city can speak more regularly about developing and preserving a local sense place, serving and advancing the equity interests of diverse populations, and creating a future with reliable public safety and equal opportunity for all.

Quality of life for all residents in Los Angeles County faces major challenges now and in the 2 decades ahead, as our population tops 11 million and hits 15 million. The transportation growth, affordable housing crisis, solid-waste strategies, evolution in criminal justice, human service needs, and responsibilities to the environment that we shoulder at the local level are crucial to that quality of life.

The quality of government also matters greatly in how we meet the challenges to quality of life and health equity. We hear enough about vicious circles. Public trust, transparency, and increased voter participation are part of a virtuous circle, along with the quality of applicants and staff we recruit. Building, and in some instances restoring local residents’ faith in local governance requires that we not only tell voters and all residents more about what we are doing to pursue the public interest, but also that we demonstrate how we are doing so.

Good will, skills, and generous collaboration among the people we serve are a renewable resource. Three years ago, when a sizeable Veterans memorial in my city fell into disrepair and faced vandalism, I spearheaded the renovation project and organized a resilient group of residents, students, service

clubs, and educators to contribute in restoring the significant monument. This was about more than beautification and pride. It reconnected a new generation with the sacrifices of their great-grandparents’ era that also mirror quiet battles they and their family members returning from military service are confronting today.

Maybe it is because I am a musician that the work of our association strikes so many strong chords for me. The duty of ethical and effective governance for independent cities is one we define together and refine for ourselves. How we perform has resonance in and beyond our jurisdictions. As we come together this year, I encourage us to speak about the values that inspire and sustain us. Our future, the places and people we serve depend on it.

Vivian Romero

ICA President 2016-17

New Interim Executive Director

ICA President, Vivian Romero, welcomes new Interim Executive Director, Tai Sunnanon.


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